baby # 3


It’s crazy being pregnant for a THIRD time but like…good crazy. Mainly because I never thought I’d ever consider even having a third child. My life a year ago was the opposite of what it is now. I’ve learned that timing & where you are in life has everything to do with your perspective. I am now so excited to have a third baby & bring another blessing into this world.

Before I had children, I didn’t know what the hell my purpose was in this life. Once my little Autumn was born that all changed. Not saying it wasn’t hard being a mom for the first time & learning as you go-because it sure as hell was. I was super hard on myself for needing to know EVERY. LITTLE. THING about kids. It was like I had to make everything flawless (which never happens lol) but once Noah was born that whole perspective flew out the window. I realized being a mommy is learning as you go about 90% of the time. You can read books & research things to get you somewhat prepared, but the rest is all learning experience. My babies have taught me so much & I am so grateful for them. Guiding my babies in this life and taking care of them is my whole purpose of being here. It brings me joy to have been chosen for such a blessing. I get to raise & teach my children how to reach their full potential, filling their hearts with joy & positivity.

Now here I am, pregnancy number 3, and I’ve never been happier (or healthier). I am so excited to bring another life into this world & I’m already counting down the days until I get to meet my little peanut. My first two babies have taught me so much already I can’t wait to see what this little one teaches me. Not only have I learned how to be the best mother protecting my children & making sure all their needs are met, I have learned so much more about myself. Having children has unveiled to me many things about myself & I’m forever grateful for the push they give me to grow as a person. I cannot wait to see all the blessings this next chapter in life brings me!

Being healthy in a pregnancy is hard especially when battling cravings + morning sickness. My morning sickness isn’t even just in the morning it’s more like “I strike when I feel like it” sickness. I’ve found little tricks to help like keeping up on my water intake & these pregnancy lollipops that fight nausea. It’s confusing for me how each pregnancy I’ve had has been entirely its own experience. When I was pregnant with Autumn I was sick for the first + last trimester but nothing unmanageable. With Noah I had no trace of nausea but that’s also why I probably found out so much later (11 weeks). This pregnancy has been non-stop nausea but at the most random times. I can’t keep certain foods down & I’ve lost 5 pounds. Trying to make sure I’m maintaining enough nutrients in my body despite the morning sickness has been a struggle I’m trying to maintain. So far so good though & my weight loss isn’t anything concerning (plus I’m convinced I’ll gain it back here shortly with all these cravings I’ve been having). I didn’t care about maintaining my health in previous pregnancies but it’s a major priority now. Not just for the baby but for myself since I will have to undergo my third C-section when delivering. Surgery makes me so damn nervous & even though it’s for a great purpose it doesn’t make it any easier on my nerves. Anyways that whole topic is for a different blog post lol

I’ve been sleeping like crazy, keeping up on my prenatal’s and just keeping up my mental/physical health. I have a long time to go still with this pregnancy and I’m excited to see what this journey brings. Being pregnant in the summer will be nice now that I don’t live in 100+ degree weather! Living in Colorado has been one of the best things to happen to me and I’m excited to now go through this experience living here. So many new first’s even though it’s my third & I’m just so damn happy. Nothing can bring me down these days!

xoxo, Kayla  images

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