Long time no blog

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I was battling such bad sickness with this baby that it was hard to just maintain my job + other mom/life duties but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yay for the third trimester & finally being able to set an officially birth date for babygirl. So much has happened over the last few months so I’ll do a quick recap:

We finally named her πŸ’“ it took us forever to compromise on a name but we finally did. We announced it at our baby shower. It was so wonderful to celebrate Aspyn with all of the people who love & support us in our life. We’re so excited for her to be here!!

We’ve had a few 3-D ultrasounds as well, the only positive of her having some kidney/heart issues. Turns out she has an extra set of ureters in one of her kidneys & LSVC (persistent left superior vena cava). Nothing else seems to be wrong with the function of her heart which is a good sign she’ll be able to survive & function normally regardless of this complication. Same thing with her kidney, they have been monitoring me every month to check the size of the kidney & for any fluid build up around it, everything seems to be functioning normally. We won’t know how anything functions 100% until she’s born, functioning on her own, but we’re hoping for the best & everything turns out to be the best possible outcome it can. Both of these are genetic complications, which doesn’t make me feel any better but at the same time relieves me to know I did everything I could to grow babygirl safely. I’ve never had any complications like this is my previous pregnancies so the process has been a little overwhelming for me. But getting to see Aspyn develop through ultrasounds comforts me a lot.

The kids both started school so I now have a kindergartner & 2nd grader.

They both are growing up so fast and I’m so glad I get to be their mommy πŸ’ž They have been thriving so well this year and I honestly couldn’t ask for better kids. School pictures just came in & they came out so amazing I can’t wait to hang them up 😍

I’m a licensed cosmetologist & have been waiting to get passionate about something in the beauty industry before I committed. So I finally got certified in eyelash extensions and I’m so excited to start diving in full time once Aspyn gets here! I’m slowly building up all the materials I need to do the job & once I’m healed up from my c-section I’ll start transitioning from my retail job back into the beauty industry. I’ve waited a long time to pick something specifically because I didn’t want to wear myself thin. Now that the fire has ignited in my heart I can’t wait to do something I absolutely love again 😍 I know it may take time but I’m confident I can build a business I’m proud of & put my whole heart into it.

My little family has been doing so well & I’ve honestly never been happier. Despite the morning sickness, headaches & complications from the pregnancy I have one of the best partners I could ever ask for in a man. He’s picked up the slack when I needed help without hesitation or complaining and he deserves a fucking medal πŸ˜‚ teamwork makes the dream work & I’m so happy I get to do life with him.

I’ll be taking 3 months off (maybe more) for maternity leave & will be blogging more now that I’ll have so much free time. I’m going to start doing blog posts on baby product reviews (since so much has changed since I’ve had my last babies), makeup tips + tricks, skincare posts, my favorite kid products & more! I might even invest in a camera & do vlogs along with blog posts if the fire gets ignited in my heart to do this full time again.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read these. You’re the best & any comments or questions are always appreciated πŸ’“



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