Struggle bus

Lately it seems like my immune system is just failing me miserably. I got the flu shot this year in hopes that it would help me to fight off sicknesses but it’s been the exact opposite. I’m struggling today with my fourth or fifth sickness & I’m sure a lot of it does come from the kiddos (and from their schools). Probiotics, extra vitamins, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes & constantly washing my hands after touching almost everything make me feel like I’m doing my part. So what the hell immune system?! 😩

This pregnancy has been taking a huge toll on my body physically. I’ve been retaining tons of fluid which is causing a strain on my organs to function. Putting a strain on my organs to work harder is making my blood pressure skyrocket & I still have 4 more weeks to go! I’ve remained somewhat active but honestly it hasn’t been anywhere near what I wanted for myself (thanks to severe back pain & cramping from a bacterial infection I’ve been battling). For the bacterial infection I’ve had 3 rounds of antibiotics & nothing is helping it to go away. So lucky for me I just get to wait it out until after babygirl is here. I didn’t even want to pump that many antibiotics into my system but I was desperate to try anything to get rid of this infection. The pelvic & back pressure has been so horrible almost unbearable at some points. It’s made even walking or getting out of bed much harder than it should be. The extra fluid has made it harder to breathe sometimes & honestly I’m just doing everything I can to take it easy so I can make it another 4 weeks without going into early labor.

I’ve cut back my hours at work even more (which sucks because I desperately wanted that income to save) BUT I gotta do what’s best for me & Aspyn longterm. I might even start my leave earlier than anticipated but I’m holding out as long as I can. Managing my mom duties with the other kiddos is a whole job in itself so I’ve been focusing on that & just trying to be as healthy as I can. The kids have been so excited helping me get ready for Aspyn’s arrival & are going to be such amazing big siblings! They have even been helping me with small chores around the house to earn more allowance and it honestly makes me so proud to see the amazing little human beings they’re turning into. They want to be so independent lately & I’m encouraging that in the most positive way I can 💓

Hoping that my immune system gets its crap together soon so I can finish getting the house all ready for babygirl. I have all of her things washed/put away but my nesting has left me with a list of other household things I want to do 😂 Luckily I have such an supportive partner who steps in & helps me out (even if he thinks it’s unnecessary or silly) so that helps put my mind at ease about it all.

We had an ultrasound last week & even though she had her foot in her face she’s gaining weight & getting stronger 😍

Only 4 more weeks until my little family gets to add another addition into our chaos & I just can’t wait for her to be here!



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