What a girl wants Voxbox review

So I recently got to participate in the Influenster What A Girl Wants Voxbox! It’s where the company, Influenster, sends you complimentary products to test out & review. If you haven’t heard of them you gotta check it out. I’ll provide more details at the end of the post on where to go & what to do! I was super excited to get this Voxbox since I’m 37 weeks pregnant & this whole week was dedicated to relaxation & beautification before baby gets here. The box included chocolates, nail polish, thermal heat shield spray & micellar cleansing water. Let me tell you a little bit of what I thought about each product.

Let’s start with the Not Your Mother’s Beat The Heat thermal shield spray. I don’t usually use many hot tools on my hair but when I do a thermal protectant is a must. I know I’m a licensed cosmetologist & some people think it’s just an extra thing to waste money on but TRUST ME-if you’re using any type of hot tool on your hair (blow dryer, straightener, curling iron) you want something to protect it even if it’s already healthy. Even if you don’t color or perm your hair I highly recommend using a thermal protectant on hair when using any type of hot tool to maintain the healthiness. I loved the smell of this product and I would definitely purchase a full size version of it. It worked just as great (if not better) as some of the higher end professional hair brands I’ve used! I looked up where to purchase a full size of this product and loved the availability and reasonable price point. Looks like you can purchase it at Ulta, Walmart or Walgreens & it averages for about $6. I had never heard of the Not Your Mother’s brand before this but I will definitely be checking out more of their hair products in the future.

I have used Sinful Colors nail polish before so I was SUPER excited to get some fall colors to try out. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the overall quality of their products in previous experiences. For a non-gel polish they seem to have a long wear & that’s not even using a base or top coat. Having my nails constantly in water from washing them or some type of hair product I was extremely satisfied with the durability of this product. I wanted to see how long they lasted without any type of base/top coat and so far it’s been 6 days with no chipping or fading. I even let my 7 year old try one of the colors and hers are lasting the same if not better (which is impressive for a child who is constantly doing stuff with their hands)! I can’t imagine how long it would last if a base/top coat were applied. You can purchase Sinful Colors at most major retailers (Target, Walmart, Walgreens) and averages about $2. For the price point you can’t beat the quality & this is coming from someone who usually only uses Essie or OPI.

I normally use makeup wipes or makeup remover when taking off my makeup & have been dying to try out this new micellar cleansing water that a lot of brands are shifting to. Micellar water has more benefits to the skin than makeup wipes or remover do. Micellar water can wash, remove, & moisturize- all in one. It can even remove stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara so you don’t need to buy multiple products. This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was a product I was extremely impressed with. It didn’t have a weird smell like I might have expected (it smells like nothing) and it worked phenomenally. I loved the fact it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin with a burning sensation and instead left it feeling soft and moisturized before I even used any type of moisturizer! I honestly could’ve gotten away with no moisturizer afterwards it was that great. Let’s just say I’ll never go back to anything else and went out to purchase a bigger size right away. You can get this product from Target, Walmart, Ulta or most retailers. It comes in multiple sizes 3 oz, 13.5 oz & 23.7 oz & the price point is definitely affordable.

Last but not least is the Toffifay Chocolate. I had never heard of this brand before and just recently saw it in-store at Target in the holiday section. I love chocolate, hazelnut & caramel so I was a major fan. The ultimate test was to let my kiddos try it (the pickiest of kids ever) and they LOVED IT. I gave them each one to try and they kept coming back asking for more & more. I loved how they were caramel and chewy with just the perfect amount of chocolate and hazelnut. If you ever see these you gotta give them a try!

If you haven’t heard of Influenster you gotta check them out- I’m honestly now obsessed. You’ll provide your email and other details to create an account and they’ll ask you questions about products you like, gaining a better idea of what you like or are interested in. You can also go on there to read reviews about products you’re interested in purchasing or give your own honest review on products you’ve used. They have reviews on pretty much everything you can think of-from beauty/skin products to food/baking supplies to home related items. You can add people to follow who are interested in the same things as you and earn badges for participating in reviews for different types of products. There isn’t a guarantee you’ll get a Voxbox or products to test but it costs nothing to sign up. The more you engage and answer questions (or snaps as they call them) the more likely you are to receive products to try FOR FREE & the only thing you have to do in return is give an honest review about it-it’s that easy. It’s pretty much like being a product tester for stuff you’re interested in. If you fill out the questions honestly they’ll send you stuff you like and well who doesn’t like free stuff?! You can go to the website to sign up Influenster or download the app on your phone! I can’t wait to see what other future products they send to me and I was so excited to be picked to participate in their Voxbox this time.

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