My first Bump Box!

So I recently decided to pamper myself this pregnancy since life’s already been chaotic and we haven’t even added a newborn to the mix yet. I signed up with Bump Boxes to get a monthly subscription box that is customized to my due date. They give me products I’ll enjoy during that month of pregnancy to help remind me to focus on ME. Honestly, I was genuinely impressed with this first box I got. Every item I received was something I’d actually use & all of it seems to be great quality stuff from the use of it so far. Let me just run through all the things I got in this month!

The water bottle was one of my fav things in this box & not just because it has a really cute saying on it I loved the spout and really appreciated the handle on top which makes it easier to carry or use with a hook! I was also super excited to get this since we just moved to the Arizona desert where its still in the 90’s (WHERE IS MY FALL WEATHER ALREADY) & I was in the need for a new water bottle. Gotta keep up on my water intake & this helps!

I usually don’t use reusable face wash cloths BUT I’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly with my life choices so I’m glad this came in my box. I was curious how much this product even cost so I googled it & was surprised it was $18 directly from the company website. At first, I won’t lie, the fabric felt a little rough. After getting it wet though I’m happy to report it does soften up, feeling very gentle against the skin. After you’re done washing your face you just let it air dry & use again! When it needs to be washed after a few uses just throw it in the laundry machine. It doesn’t tell me anything about if it can go in the dryer or not so I’d avoid it.

I was super excited about this Jade roller because I’ve been dying to try one but could never bring myself to purchase it. I wasn’t sure if this was one of those beauty product trends that wouldn’t work & ended up in my junk drawer 3 months later. The Jade should be kept cold & is used to reduce inflammation plus it can help with dark circles under the eyes by stimulating your blood circulation. The roller will work to tighten pores, brighten your complexion and it’s supposed to help with wrinkles too. I love that this one is dual sided, one side being smaller & is the perfect fit for under my eyes. I’ve only been using it for a few days so I’m not 100% sure on the results yet but I’ll keep you guys posted on this beauty trend.

I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but just smelling it relaxed me so I’m excited to try it soon. It’s organic so all of the ingredients have no dyes, synthetics, sulfates or artificial ingredients-which was right up my ally! It’s also vegan, gluten & cruelty free which attracted me to it. I just went and got a pedicure at the nail salon last week so my toes are looking super fresh. But next week I plan on pampering myself with this & I can’t wait to try it! If I love it I’m sure it’ll end up as part of my self care beauty routine.

The cool thing about the packaging of this hair wrap is there’s a hair tie at the top of the package. I love the micro fiber fabric, it’s great for soaking up all that excess water from my hair and quickly. I usually don’t buy these because with colored hair they get ruined pretty quickly, so I was happy to get one in my box! It’s really easy to wrap around your hair & its my go to alternative when I want to naturally dry my hair while reducing frizz. If you haven’t tried one I suggest it. They’re a great alternative to reducing heat damage on hair from hot tools like a blow dryer.

Overall I was super happy with my first bump box & I can’t wait to continue getting them! It’s going to be a great reminder to take some time for myself in this chaotic mom life routine, especially before a newborn gets added to the mix! If you missed the link at the beginning of the blog post here it is again. Whether you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is-Bump Boxes has it covered. You can pick between signing up for a monthly subscription box (like I did) or pick a specific one time gift box. If you click the link above you’ll get 50% off your first subscription box. Either way I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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